The Middle East Effect: The Illusive Pursuit of Peace and Truth

Cost: $2150, plus airfare (USD)
Dates: 10/14/2021 – 10/22/2021
Location: Jerusalem (9 Days)

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TMEE_By_Phil_Johnson_FrontDay 1

Depart from the US. Enjoy complementary meals and flight entertainment on your journey.

Day 2

Arrive in Tel Aviv and meet Dr. Johnson, the program director, at the airport. Transfer to Jerusalem and check into accommodations at the Jerusalem Towers. After everyone arrives and we get settled, we will have a time of orientation, dinner and an informal walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Day 3

We will head north to visit the city of Nazareth, the city from where Christianity was born. We will then visit Capernaum, located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, the city where Jesus spent 3 years of his public ministry. We will also visit the Jordan River baptismal site. A highlight of our day will be an incredible view of Israel from the top of Mt. Arbel.

Day 4

After breakfast we will head to the Old City for lunch and a walking tour with our local guide. We will gain an overview of this historic city including the Jaffa Gate, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Garden Tomb and Golgotha. You will have free time for lunch and to explore the Four Quarters of the Old City. In the evening our course, The Middle East Effect begins back at the hotel. 

Day 5

Today we head south! We will visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Masada. This is Herod’s mountain palace in the Judean desert and the site of the Zealot’s last stand against the Roman legionnaires 2000 years ago. Then we will visit Ein Gedi enjoying a hike and seeing waterfalls, swimming holes, crystal clear waters and perhaps spotting wildlife! After lunch we will enjoy a soak in the Dead Sea – the lowest place in the world!

Day 6

Today our conference will continue and you will have free time in the Old City and West Jerusalem. This will be an ideal time to engage people in meaningful discussions regarding the topics of our conference.

Day 7

After breakfast our conference will continue. Then we will visit a visit to an archaeological site near Mt. Moriah and finish our tour with a visit to the top of the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane.

Day 8

Today our conference comes to a conclusion. We will spend the morning wrapping up our sessions and then you will have the option of participating in a visit to the West Bank (Palestine) to see the ancient site of Bethlehem. You will also have an opportunity to engage local Palestinians in conversations and gain new perspectives. 

Day 9

After 9 days, return home to the US!

The Middle East Effect: The Illusive Pursuit of Peace and Truth is a unique look at this region of the world and biblical prophecy. We will examine the history of the Middle East, Jewish/Arab conflicts, the growth of terrorism and the impact of various views of biblical prophecy. This course is timely and peppered with first hand information from Dr. Johnson’s research and interviews in Israel, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon,Turkey, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Russia. Throughout this course, you will see the hand of God and be reminded of His plan to draw people to Him and to redeem them.