The purpose of Global Next is to collect unique research and insights from around the world and to use that information in domestic educational conferences and international accelerated study-abroad conferences. Global Next focuses on issues of interpersonal relationships, communication skills, leadership development, trends, cultural shifts and geo-political shifts.

Global Next’s Leadership Institute provides students and adults with opportunities for international travel, practical leadership training, networking and cultural growth. Our purpose is to allow students to see the world in context, to understand the needs of the world and to prepare for leadership roles and a life of purpose.

Global Next is a research group and leadership institute. We are not a travel organization. Global Next hosts high quality educational/leadership conferences in unique locations around the world that are open to select high school and college students as well as qualified adults. While we are not a travel company, Global Next does provide tours and site visits for each conference that support the educational/leadership purposes of each conference. (Please click here for complete itineraries of conferences) We also network with various travel solution providers to help you in choosing the travel agent you are most comfortable with  in arranging your flights for each conference.

Different international conferences are designed for different groups including high school students, college students and adults.

Global Next works with 9th -12th grade students who receive recommendations from their school administrator, teacher or youth worker. Students do not have to be straight “A” students, or honor students, though they might be. We are looking for students who possess leadership skills, potential and a heart for the world and for others. In short, we’re looking for students who are serious about the world, about learning and about making an impact.

Global Next also offers conferences for college students as well as adults. Please inquire regarding these opportunities. College students have been permitted to attend select high school leadership conferences that are offered throughout the school year.

The school administrator, teacher or youth worker of any prospective participant simply needs to sign off on the student’s application. The signature indicates the recommendation of the student. Global Next may ask for a more detailed recommendation if we feel the need to gather more information before making a decision on a student’s eligibility.

The price of the conference covers the complete setup of the educational conferences,  hotel accommodations and taxes, ground transportation, two meals per day, entrance into all sites/activities (per itinerary), local guides (per itinerary), leadership training materials and leadership trainer.

Airfare is not included in the price. Students will need additional money only for lunch, snacks, souvenirs and an optional tip for bus drivers and/or local guides. (We suggest approximately $10 per person to be collected for appropriate tips for our service providers.)

Dr. Phil Johnson, founder and president of Global Next is the writer, designer and presenter of Global Next’s unique study abroad leadership programs. All materials are crafted to be practical, humorous and life changing and are integrated into the cultural experience. In addition, the Global Next Research Group and Educational Advisory Committees help shape the quality of all conference materials. Dr. Johnson’s years of experience in travel, his work with students in conflict areas and his first-person research and interviews in some of the world’s hottest spots add a current and relevant flavor to his teaching.

Participants can fill out and submit applications and payments for study abroad conferences directly online at: www.globalnext.org. If you prefer, you may also print out the application and mail it along with payments to: Global Next, PO Box 2215, Frisco, Texas 75034. Make all checks payable to Global Next.

Some families have the resources to simply pay for the trip/conference. Other students send out letters to raise support from friends and family who are interested in student development. Some students participate in fund-raising activities. Still other students have obtained jobs to help finance this opportunity. And of course, there are many who do a combination of all these things! Global Next is not non-profit, but payment for this educational experience may be tax deductible. Please check with your accountant for details.

Please refer to the Global Next web site for all policies regarding cancellations, refunds and optional trip cancellation insurance.

Global Next encourages travelers to monitor the State Department Travel Advisories. Safety measures have been so drastically improved for airports, that travelers are probably safer now than they ever have been.

Ultimately, safety rests only in the hands of God. If you feel uncomfortable about the risk of losing money due to unexpected global changes that exist out of the control of Global Next, please consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance through a third-party provider such as, Travel Guard. (www.travelguard.com)

Global Next is not responsible for trip cancellations that are beyond our control. We are unable to offer refunds for trip interruptions due to weather, mechanical difficulties, acts of war or terrorism that are beyond our control. This is why we highly encourage families to consider trip cancellation insurance. 

Dr. Phil Johnson acts as the group leader and leadership trainer for each conference. Student groups traveling from different schools or regions of the country may choose their own chaperone. A chaperone who recruits 7 paying students may attend the conference for free. (This does not include airfare for the chaperone.) In general, there is approximately one adult chaperone per seven to ten student travelers.

It is first important to note that one of Global Next’s top priorities is conference participant safety. Each conference is structured to minimize opportunities for any mishaps. Global Next provides emergency medical coverage for each student that is designed to act as a secondary coverage to cover anything your primary policy would not cover. This coverage is included in the price of your trip and includes $100,000 of emergency medical expense coverage. You are also covered for emergency evacuation and political evacuation. Other coverages are outlined here.  (Please note conditions and exclusions) Please NOTE that each student/adult is covered individually (with your own identification number) and will deal with the insurance company directly. Global Next currently uses HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC/Atlas Travel. You can contact them directly at their customer service number: Toll Free: (800) 605-2282

Global Next does NOT provide trip cancellation insurance. If you are interested in insuring your conference against unexpected illness or other unexpected events, please consult a third party provider such as Travel Guard Insurance. (www.travelguard.com)

Yes, all students will need passports for travel. Passports need to be valid for at least six months past the dates of the conference. Currently, VISAS are not necessary for US citizens for the locations of our leadership conferences with the exception of China where visas must be purchased prior to departing for the conference. Global Next suggests using www.traveldocs.com as a company that can help you and expedite your VISA needs. You are also welcome to contact and submit your paperwork and passports directly to the foreign embassy for processing. Foreign students need to check for their own visa requirements and are responsible for acquiring their appropriate VISA before traveling.

Generally, students stay in hotels when traveling. All hotels are at least 3 stars and are centrally located. We will provide participants with the phone numbers and addresses for each hotel for each night of the conference. The only time students do not stay in hotels is when they are studying at Oxford University. In this case, students stay in student housing on campus.

Students and student groups have the opportunity to choose their own departure airport. Setting up flights to our conferences is the responsibility of each group or individual. Groups and individuals must get flight arrival and departure times approved by Global Next in writing prior to booking their flights- so that we can make sure all arrivals are coordinated.

Global Next is not a travel company. We are responsible only for the event arrangements inside our conference location. Flights are the responsibility of each group or individual. Each group leader or individual traveler must get flight arrival and departure times approved by Global Next in writing prior to booking their flights.

One adult chaperone may attend the conference for free for every seven fully paid students. (This is approximately a $1500-1600 value, depending upon which conference you are attending.) This does not include the chaperone’s airfare. There are generally no free chaperone spots available for college student and adult travel program.

Each International Study Abroad Conference is educational in nature. Global Next works with an Educational Advisory Committee, consisting of quality educators from around the US to ensure that each course meets or surpasses state educational requirements. Global Next’s educational requirements include pre-trip reading and writing, on-trip participation in daily training, workbook completion, daily journaling, an interview project and a follow up post-trip project. Global Next provides a transcript of study (with grade) to the student or school following the conference and the student’s completion of all assignments. If a student does not complete the high school credit requirements, he still receives a transcript stating that he or she “audited” the course. Accepting the transcript issued by Global Next is solely at the discretion of the high school and college. We encourage educational institutions to make any adjustments they deem necessary to fit in with their course requirements. Most our our courses fall within the “elective” category, but can, with adjustments with into other categories. Colleges look favorably upon students who have already studied abroad in high school.

We can also provide college students with a learning contract to present to their college advisor, upon request. In our experience, colleges are anxious for their students to participate in accelerated study abroad programs and generally award college credit. Colleges may add additional requirements in order for students to receive college credit. (This applies to students who travel with us who are already in college.)

Yes, students maybe bring and use cell phones and other electronic devices while on the conferences. However, cell phones should not be used throughout the conference day except to contact a parent or in an emergency. Computers, mp3 payers and portable DVD players should only be used at night in the participant’s hotel room. This is to ensure that learning, cultural and social times are maximized. Global Next is not responsible for valuables that are lost or stolen during a trip. A general rule is this: If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t bring it.

As Global Next continues to develop our programs, there will probably be a greater need for students to bring a wireless device to complete social media projects as well as certain online-based research assignments while on the conference.

The key word for dress for our international conferences is this: modest and professional. While we currently do not require ties or dresses, we do ask that you refrain from wearing shorts, sweatpants, tank tops, anything that shows your stomach or anything that would call undo attention to yourself. This is a professional conference – dress as such.

The best way to stay current with Global Next’s research is to subscribe to our blog: www.globalnexter.wordpress.com

We also invite you to join us on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/globalnext

In addition to working with US students, Dr. Phil Johnson provides numerous leadership training conference in various parts of the world for those who are experiencing conflict and may not have the privilege to travel, including Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan. For more information, please contact Global Next by clicking here.

Please go to “Event Request” page, fill out the online form and someone will contact you about your event and how to arrange for Dr. Phil to speak at your occasion.

You may also contact Global Next via email at: info@globalnext.org or call 214.761-8500