Traveler’s Pledge

  1. I understand that involvement in this program is an honor, not a right and that I have been invited to participate in a leadership development program.
  2. I understand that I when I am traveling abroad, I represent my family, school and Global Next. My conduct, words and attitude will always reflect that.
  3. I understand that no alcohol or tobacco products may be consumed or purchased while participating on this educational conference.
  4. I understand that I may not enter the hotel room of a member of the opposite sex.
  5. I understand that my clothing must be modest and appropriate for the activities and culture associated with this program. If the program includes water activities, I understand that girls must wear one-piece bathing suits.
  6. I will purpose to be open, flexible and attentive during training sessions.
  7. I understand that one of the purposes of this trip is to network with other motivated students/participants. Therefore I will purpose to get to know others and grow from appropriate social interaction.
  8. I will follow all instructions regarding staying with assigned groups during free time, observing curfews, noise levels in hotels and adapting to our host country’s culture.
  9. I will be aware of the group’s schedule and will not exhibit self-centered behavior by being late and making others wait for me.
  10. Regarding my passport: I understand that if I lose my passport, I am responsible for all costs associated with replacing the passport. This includes passport costs, transportations, flight changes and hotels.
  11. If you are a traveling adult or chaperone, you agree to attend all conference sessions, activities and abide by all other conference standards as stated in this pledge.
  12. I understand that I will have the time of my life, will make some of my favorite memories and will probably show my trip pictures to complete strangers.

Download Traveler’s Pledge in PDF format