The vision of Global Next is to create unique leaders who understand the world in context and want to be part of something bigger than themselves and greater than the moment. In short, we want to develop a new generation of global leaders – who know what matters and what doesn’t. 

This vision is accomplished through:

  • Domestic one and two-day leadership training conferences.
  • Seven to nine-day international study-abroad conferences.
  • Original international research.
  • Publishing of research and original leadership training materials. 
  • Internship Programs.

” Leadership is a sacred covenant between you and the world to influence others for a purpose greater than yourself.” 


Global Next Company Profile

With headquarters in Frisco, Texas and a branch in Cairo, Egypt, Global Next, LLC provides superior leadership training programs for high school students, college students, adults, educators, business professionals and government agencies. Global Next brings a fresh and innovative approach to leadership training that focuses on issues of leadership trends, personality profiling, communication skills and geo-political shifts. Our goal is to train leaders, educators and professionals to be global influencers in the 21st century.

With our own educational advisory committee and research group, Global Next is positioned to stay current with educational trends, cultural shifts and effective techniques designed to reach each group and produce thought-changing and life-changing results. Since 2001, Global Next has been able to impact thousands of students and adults through our domestic and international programs. Global Next has conducted leadership conferences in the US, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Germany, France, Egypt, Libya and Pakistan.

The combination of our own original training materials, humorous presentations, and participant involvement in the training process makes Global Next the number one choice for appealing and practical leadership training.