The Communication Puzzle: Becoming a Communicator of Purpose

Cost: $1900, plus airfare (USD)
Dates: 03/01/2022 – 03/07/2022
Location: Paris, France (7 Days)

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puzzle_lrgDay 1

Depart for France!

Day 2

Dr. Johnson will meet you at the Paris airport. After checking into your hotel we will head to the very geographical and spiritual heart of Paris: the Cathedral of Notre Dame where you can enter this historic and beautiful church and climb the bell tower – for a breath-taking view of Paris – and see if Quasimodo is hanging around. We will also enjoy some lunch and authentic Parisian crepes! Following this we’ll visit Sainte-Chapelle, the Gothic masterpiece, built by Louis IX as a shrine for his holy relics. The stained-glass windows alone will take your breath away. Then it’s back to the hotel for dinner and our orientation.

Day 3

This morning, our leadership course, “The Communication Puzzle: Becoming a Communicator of Purpose” begins. We’ll study the art of communication as it relates to leaders! After class, we’ll head out for a visit to the world-famous Louvre Museum, home to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and other priceless works of art. After a “masterpiece scavenger hunt” throughout this museum, it’s lunch and shopping on the Champs Elysees. It’s exclusive, impressive and expensive! Art communicates, but money talks! We’ll end at the Arc de Triomphe, where Napoleon’s funeral procession passed through.

Day 4

Our leadership course will continue this morning and then we’ll spend the rest of the day visiting the Rodin Museum, home to the scupture of the Thinker, and then on to Les Invalides, location of the tomb of Napoleon. This man’s life continues to “communicate” well after his death – plus he’s burried in a the biggest coffin you’ve ever seen! Then it’s on to the Eiffel Tower, a structure that communicates without words to the importance of French culture. We’ll go all the way to the top of this tower for an unforgettable view of Paris.

Day 5

Our day begins with a continuation of our training in the art of communication. In the late morning we’ll head over to the Sacre Couer Cathedral – known as one of the most recognizable sites in all of Paris –  and view the city from above and do more souvenir shopping and soaking up the Parisian culture. This is always one of our travelers’ favorite days as you get a true sense of French atmosphere through the many cafe’s, people and street artitsts. You’ll have an opportunity to shop, purchase art and complete an interview assignment with locals.

Day 6

Today we will travel outside the city to the Palace of Versaille – the beautiful chateau begun by Louis the XIV in 1664. It is simply overwhelming in its opulence and scale. Here we will take a guided tour and view the Hall of Mirrors, the Marble Courtyard and much more. In the evening, we will have dinner back in Paris and a final recap of our leadership training.

Day 7

Homeward bound!!



Leadership Training: “The Communication Puzzle: Becoming a Communicator of Purpose,” takes a look at the importance of communication for leaders. We’ll take a look at various types of communicators, the art of reading body language as well as the fundamental differences between male and female communication patterns. Leaders of great purpose know how to communication and they also know what’s important to communicate!